Our classes provide children with a happy, interactive, stimulating and interesting opportunity to learn languages through progressive stages, adapted to all children from a young toddler all the way up to the start of their teens. Children are taught through our modern foreign, language programmes in either, French, Spanish or Italien which covers all areas of the modern, foreign, language curriculum.

Lunchtime and after school lessons held in your child's school
   Parents must attend


For children not yet at school
Children attend a less held in the school, in the school day. Parents do not attend.

Primary - linguals

 For all children at    Primary school
 Children attend a group classss held in the school, in the school day. Parents do not attend.

Senior - linguals

For children at Secondary school
'The Leading Languages programmes provide children with sessions that are fun, interactive and educationally structured giving your child the ability to learn a language for life ... possibly one of the best gifts you could give your child. '



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Schools and nurseries

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