Baby-lingual classes ...

Each class consists of original music and both sensory  and interactive activities created to build a positive relationship between your baby and language.This is a multi activity session full of language discovery, signing, lights, educational props and great FUN and of course you and your little one!!!

FUN,FUN,FUN... is how we get you and your little one to become a Baby-lingual™. 

“Science indicates that babies’ brains are the best learning machines ever created, and that infants’ learning is time-sensitive. Their brains will never be better at learning a second language than they are between 0 and 3 years of age,” said co-author Patricia Kuhl, co-director of I-LABS and a UW professor of speech and hearing sciences.


Successful learning  for babies involves making it enjoyable for baby, parents and teachers so that they can't get enough of it. Our original music that is both fun yet educationally structured creates the pathway to enjoying our wonderful Baby-lingual sessions.  In Baby-lingual classes children learn to discover and develop their own language through carefully planned sessions which follow a FUN theme each week. Baby-linguals will experience and develop their language through sensory play, music, activities and more!                                                            














The Baby-lingual curriculum combines a carefully balanced mix of  linguistic content and sounds, such as theme and core  words, phonemes,  and musical content. We also encourage children to discover their other creative expressions through discovery, sensory activities. These activities also give children the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills which are necessary to prepare a child for writing. Emergent writing is the linguistic term used to describe a child's first signs of writing, this can be in a scribble, a line, a shape or other.  

So that a child's language develops and improves they need countless opportunities to express themselves. Children need confidence to do this. Our fun, animated, linguistically balanced songs and amazing props give children the opportunity to do this. The movement and actions  within our animated songs help develop a child's gross motor skills, the rhythm and rhyme embedded within our songs helps improve a child's cognitive development and basic understanding and use of language. This in turn improves a child's literacy and their understanding of their world around them.


The Baby-linguals curriculum is being constantly updated to include the research done in the fields of music educationlanguage acquisitionCLIL(content and language integrated learning), early childhood education, and child development. FUN-linguals support a child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical

development, in line with the EYFS framework.

                       Come and join us and find out what all the Baby-lingual fun is about!

The Baby-lingual benefits:

* Create a positive communication beween your baby & language.

*Learn how to sign with your baby.

*Give your baby a head start in language learning & literacy.

*Learn French with your baby through our original classes.

*Have fun with our original songs and props.

*Improve your babies communication and fine motor skills.

*Improve your babies social and physical development.

* Boost your babies cognitive development.

* The opportunity to progress onto FUN-linguals.

*Encourage imagination and a curious mind!

If you would like us to start a Baby-linguals class near you or If you want to run your own
 Baby - linguals classes, get in touch
Some Testimonials & reviews

" The Leading Languages method is one of the best I have seen in practice for children. The lessons are fun and rewarding as they are brilliantly planned with excellent resources. The children really look forward to them and learn a lot. The Leading Languages teacher, teaching with a near native pronunciation really makes the difference in excellent language learning too.  "

A Primary school Headteacher - Dorset

5 Star book review -  Kristen Van Kampen, Readers' Favorite. 

 ...The book is very educational and teaches young readers how to say many things in French, for example, it teaches phrases like "where are you?" as well as how to say colours in French. The book is a fun way to learn French, because it has likeable characters and is interactive. The book is well written. The book is well developed and thought out. I would definitely recommend this book to all young readers.

A review on the book, Baguette Bear Learns the colours

" Alison is such a fun teacher and a very child development aware Mum herself. Her passion and energy is contagious! My two boys genuinely love going to her classes already. They sing the songs at home along with hand actions they have learned and dancing in our kitchen while we listen to the CD has become a regular routine."


Sharon -  a parent of two children aged 2 and 3yrs.

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