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Hello,  Leading Languages was founded by Alison Mcrobbie, the creator and author of the Baguette the bilingual bear, teaching scheme for children.  


After raising her own children bilingually in France, Alison struggled to understand  upon returning to England, why language learning was not offered to children as early as possible, in playgroups and schools just like other subjects. It has been scientifically proven that children learning another language from a younger age, can develop their major cognitive and language areas to a higher capacity. Not to mention giving them a fundamental, head start in language learning and bilingual communication. By the age of five, the main pathways in a child's brain have already grown to full capacity. Leaving these pathways with no foreign language, learning connections for another eight years, until a child starts secondary school is a huge waste of a child's potential.

After working for many years in schools, introducing modern foreign language learning to children, Alison wrote a teaching scheme that was not only structured and educationally focussed but interactive and enjoyable for children as well as for teachers.

This teaching scheme has been tried and tested for many years and has proven to be very successful. Helping schools meet their MFL targets and helping children and parents learn and enjoy language learning from an early age, just  like any another subject.


The real benefit of learning with Leading Languages  is that children can start learning a language as early as possible. Its success is evidenced by the fact that  we have waiting lists in almost every single school and every single centre where we operate. So join the team and start being a Leading Language linguist.


Alison MCrobbie Ba hons
Founder of Leading Languages

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